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Share your idea

Got an idea on how to improve or customize your Spine? Share your idea on the makerspace and engage others to contribute.

Start a project

Found contributors? Move your idea into the project stage. Approve contributors. Post updates on how the development goes. Get feedback from the community.

Share your achievements

Celebrate your cool new achievements with the community. Make your project assets available for others to implement. Post the links to the code files, 3D models, video tutorials etc.

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Tryout the Spine in Your City

How it works?

Our dear Spine and Hyperboard owners from all over the world are super eager to share the experience of driving a 3D Printed electric skateboard.

Hence you can request one of them from your town to meet up with you for a driving session.

Once you submit the request form we will get in touch with our customers and see who is ready to hook you up.

Don't hesitate. Our community members are excited to meet people like you!

Pending Tryout Requests
  • Bremen, Germany
  • Bremen, Germany
  • Bremen, Germany
  • Ankara, Türkiye
  • Copenhagen S, Denmark
  • Chisinau, Moldova
  • Głogów, Poland