Design a 3D Printed Front for the Spine

Contributors: Constantin Colac | Nicolas Hason | Frederik Lean





Project Description

Hey folks! 

I am a huge fan of my Spine and I never hesitate to tweak and upgrade it. Now for this project I decided to teach myself to 3D Desgin. 


3D Design a front for the Spine with slots for LED Lights. I am looking for an aggresive look. 

I will appreciate any feedback or tips. 


Let's give the Spine a new look.

Poject Updates

Update #1 - Sketching the new Spine Front

Constantin Colac
05 Apr 2016
1 year ago

Ok guys. So here is how I invision the front of the Spine. It's a simplistic view but I had to sketch something as I was having trouble to start off the 3D Model without any plan. 

More updates coming up! 

Update #2 - First 3D Model Design.

Constantin Colac
13 Apr 2016
1 year ago

Hey there makers! 

I have spent some time on designing the new front based on the sketch from Update #1. One learning form this process is that even though the sketch was useful for making the initial forms, I deviated from it quite a bit. 


Behold some print screens of the 3D Model (only one side). 





Now I need to print it and see how many things need to be tweaked to reach a perfect and secure fit :) 


Let me know what you guys think! Updates will follow.


Nicolas Hason

05 Apr 2016

1 year ago

I really like it I have to say! Looks a bit like an angry, sport-like oriented spine. But we all know you love speed Costel, don't you? ;-)

Indeed I do! Thanks for the encouragement. Soon I will post a print screen of the 3d model. 

Frederik Lean

05 Apr 2016

1 year ago

Hmm Constantin, can you make sure it is possible to fit this front with the design for the Front Stand....?
Maybe we should integrate this.....

@Frederick it sounds like a good idea. I will try my best :) 


17 Apr 2016

1 year ago


Did you print it out yet? I would like to know how thick those walls are..

Hey Robin. Yes I did print it. For the test print I made the walls 2mm think. But I think I should go more thick. At least 4mm is my initial guess. I will upload some photos of the print today or tomorrow. 


22 Apr 2016

1 year ago

Allright! Anything between 4-6mm would be perfekt I think.

Please do upload some pics of the print!


Side question : can anyone give me the center distance from motor to gear on the spine? I don't have a board yet but would like to calculate what gears would suit me the best.