Designing a Front Stand for the Spine

Contributors: Frederik Lean





Project Description

I wanted to have a better way of supporting the Spine to stand by itself, for instance during longer commutes where a train or metro is involved. As of now I would have to turn it all the way around vertically, when using the handle to carry the Spine onto the train for it to stand by it self, which is pretty inconvenient in the middle of a potentially crowded train.

I want to create sort of an outrig, or front stand, for the Spine. It should be able to support the full weight of the spine to stand by itself and also withstand some bumps etc. without falling, which is usually experienced during train/metro rides.

It's designed to fit with the 3D Printed front enforcement of the Spine and the top axle connector.

And oh yes, I am just using 3D Design and an Ultimaker plus a few screws and one bolt, so that all Faraday Makers out there can just print one themselves and pick up standard bolt/screws at their local hardware store at minimum cost.

Here is a video of me presenting the design to Sune:

Here are the things i want to add to the current design:

  1. A way to "click" the "horse-shoe" part of the stand to the axle connector so there are no problems while driving
  2. A "stopper" on the front enforcement part to provide 100% stability when standing during train commutes

I would love to have some feedback and alternative ideas for design iterations and small solutions!