Making a custom flat 6S battery pack with 18650 cells with a built in switch

Contributors: Sune Pedersen





Making a custom flat 6S battery pack with 18650 cells with a built in switch

Using the Faraday Motion Power switch I want to create a compact enclosure for a 6S3P 18650 battery configuration.

The lithium cells are often referred to as Tesla batteries, in reality they are powerful laptop batteries produced in the millions.

I designed an enclosure in 123Design, just slightly bigger than the batteries and left some space for the switch in the front.


This was one of the first test prints for testing the dimensions of the enclosure.

The batteries have been welded using a cheap chinese battery welder (200USD) with nickel strips. Alternatively you can use a good soldering iron to quickly soldering the ends of the battery. If the batteries get too much heat however, they will be damaged.

At all the intersections within the batteries, i added balancing cables, so that the charger or BMS can balance the individual cells. I use ducttape to keep things in place and protect against shorts while building the battery. 

Here is the switch and the batteries wrapped in heat resistant kapton tape, the batteries are mounted in the one side of the box.

I tried to design a clever cable routing system, so that the cables would not get damaged over time. I used good quality silicone wires, they take heat very well and are nice to work with.

Added the switch, soldered all power cables and balancing lead and closed the box.


Placed the battery box in the hollow Onda Core deck, almost ready for a first testdrive


Toby Burkill

26 Jul 2016

11 months ago

Amazing! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Hopefully after the next few weeks I'll be back onto developing my board and get some ideas out there. 

Constantin Colac

Copenhagen, Denmark

26 Jul 2016

11 months ago

Awesome Toby! I want to see what crazy things you have in mind.


27 Jul 2016

11 months ago

Nice! I need this!