Spine Lattice frame

Contributors: Toby Burkill





Spine Lattice frame

After seeing a photo posted on the faraday motion instagram about a new Spine case design (pictured below) I had the urge to design my own case for my spine. After a bit of thought though I thought it would be nice if you could easily swap and change out different case styles without having to reprint the entire Spine. 




So What I'm proposing is designing a framework of the spine that new casing or fairing could easily be mounted on to. I just quick mocked up a sketch of what I mean below. I'm thinking a sort of organic looking lattice - obviously would have to look at the stress points - as a way to reduce weight and allow owners to swap out the style of the fairing. 

Any thoughts?



Sune Pedersen

Berlin, Germany

05 Aug 2016

11 months ago

I like the idea. We are going somewhat in this direction, but so far not with the organic lattice shape as im not sure it would be strong enough.. Unless youre Spartacus3d... http://www.metal-additive-manufacturing.com/blog/etude-du-bo%C3%AEtier

Toby Burkill

08 Aug 2016

11 months ago

Wow that's awesome! even without it being in Metal That concept is a nice shape to show where the stress zones are. I might have a play about :D 



Toby Burkill

27 Sep 2016

9 months ago

Hi Spartacus3D

Thanks for the update, loving what you've achieved! I don't suppose you'd be willing to share the 3D models of where you're up to would you please? Just as a reference to see better the structure you've come up with. I'm looking to create a similar body framework but instead of metal I'm aimging to create moulds and casting it in an impact resistant resin mixed with fibreglass and then some fibreglass rods for the long straight sides. 

I'm currently doing the same but with some wheel rims (designed by the Faraday team) that can take inflatable tyres which I'll post about as I'm working on them tomorrow.