Underlit LED for Pink Spine board (Bluetooth controlled)

Contributors: Alicja





Underlit LED for Pink Spine board (Bluetooth controlled)

What I want to achieve? Underlit LED for Spine board (Bluetooth controlled)

How I'm planning to do it? Go to Faraday Motion bunker and install LED stips (5050 RGB LED in a plastic sleeve to protect them from water) under the Spine + hide control pack in Spine box if it's possible. 

I'm thinking about using Fusion 360 to design the enclosure for it.

Here's mine control box with a 12 volt power jack. 








What I need to achieve it? 12V battery pack or MOSFET's and a DC-DC stepdown-module, so I can use the Spine battery for it.


Toby Burkill

12 Nov 2016

8 months ago

Niiiiice! I like the idea of some bright lights. If you print your board in some clear fillament the whole board could glow :D